Save money buying a home before the end of this year!

The Andalusian Government (Costa del Sol) recently approved a temporary reduction in the transfer tax and stamp duty.

The transfer tax (ITP) will normally go from rates of 10 %, 9 % and 8 % and now to a single rate of 7 %, while the general tax for documented legal acts will be reduced from 1.5 % to 1.2 % (stampduty).

Before transfer tax on a resale purchase was:

8% for the first 400000 euro.

9% between 400000 euro and 700000 euro .

10% from 700000 euro upwards.

Now there is one single transfer tax rate that has been fixed at 7%


Examples below of what you will save:

Property sales price                  Saving

   200.000 euro                         2.000 euro

   400.000 euro                         4.000 euro

1.000.000 euro                       19.000 euro


The effect on new properties is much smaller as they are still subject to V.A.T. at 10% .

With new properties there is a reduction on the stamp duty from 1,5% to 1,2%.


If you are considering buying a (resale) property in the Marbella area this is the best time to do so and benefit from this temporary tax reduction until 31st December this year (2021).

  • By Erik
  • 30 Apr 2021