Buying Procedure

Buying a property starts most of the time with a property search on the web. A logic way and a good way to start. During that search you also will/have found out that there are many many real estate portals and even more real esate agents to choose from and they most of the time offering even the same property portfolio.

And we could imagine that you have no idea what will be the right choose so you book several real estate agents to find out and to be on the save side…..

Understandable but not nessesary as every real esate agent have access and can search/view the same properties that are for sale in your search area.

So instead of going for several options you can just choose one.

Of course a good one…., one with experience and a rilable one, an agent that understand your requirements and can translate this into your perfect home for the right price. BaBlo Marbella can be that agent for you.

So please, get in touch with us and see if we are that agent for you and send us the properties you like to visit and let us find out what the status of those properties are...

And do not forget that buying a property in Spain and the procedure might be different than in your own country. BaBlo Marbella have made two general documents to download to give you an indication of the cost and procedure when buying a property in Spain.

Hope to be in touch soon….