Nice tip! Experience Semana Santa in Málaga

Semana Santa is the holy week before Easter. In Spain it is also called Holy Week. Many Spanish towns have processions during this week. Malaga together with Seville are known for a lot and especially large processions during the Holy Week. A week with incense, ringing bells, often melancholy music and a lot of passion. This year's Semana Santa is from 20 march until 27 March. There are several processions throughout the year in Malaga but the Holy week is the most important one. This is the most impressive week that you can experience in Malaga. For us it is almost impossible to imagine how intense the Malaguenos experience this. The best way to get a feel for this is to see a procession yourself to get a good impression. Goose bumps and admiration are hereby certainly not excluded.

Semana Santa Malaga

During this fine procession commemorates the suffering of Jesus. The procession is formed by members of a fraternity. They carry a 'trono' through the streets of Malaga where a picture of Jesus or Maria (La Virgen) State. There are about 40 brotherhoods in Malaga passing through Malaga in procession from their own neighborhood or parish. There are several processions per day at different times. Even at night there are processions. The routes are largely different. Alameda Principal, Calle Larios and Plaza de la Constitucion are the places where all the processions come along. A procession during Semana Santa, depending on the route, could last more than five hours. The exact program and the processions routes for the holy week are available in various shops and restaurants.