Number of licences for new property projects doubles & the total sales is increased!

In Marbella area are signs on the property market that there is an upwards positive movement.The construction industry is beginning to show signs of life again thanks to the high-end property sector which so far this year has experienced a growth.

According to the Town Planning Department the new building licenses granted in the first six month of this year was double then in the same period of last year (2012). So this is definitely a sign that the construction sector is beginning to reactivate.

With the current rate of property activity, it is almost certain that 2013 will end with a figure which is much higher than that of 2012 in terms of amount of newly built housing in Marbella.

Between January and September this year, there have been 14.502 property sales in the Malaga province which is 6.5 % more then in the same period in 2012. Most of the properties are being bought by foreign buyers and with less mortgages.

Marbella is an atypical market with an important presence of foreign clients who tend to be very well informed so the fact that they are purchasing properties is a good sign for the province overall. Marbella was one of the first places to be affected by the crisis but is also the first one to recover. The subjective perception is that the bottom has reached and the only way now is up!