The centre of Malaga is decorated for Christmas now!

The Christmas lights in Malaga are on now, a spectacle with beautiful lights and decorations you should not miss. The lighting decoration and the  switching on date change every year, however this year it was the same as in 2015. In past years they used up to 600.000 led lights in Larios street, the most centric and popular street in Malaga. Nevertheless this city is one of the best places to enjoy the Christmas lighting in the world. The company in charge of Christmas lights in Malaga also make them for different companies and cities worldwide. You will be able to find their lighting leds in New York at the fifth avenue, Las Vegas, Dubai or Hong Kong among others. Many visitors from Europe come to enjoy not only the Christmas lights in Malaga but the unique festive environment present in the city. This is a wonderful time to visit Malaga! You can enjoy this beautiful festive ambiance until the 6th of January, this is the day they switch off the lighting

  • By Erik
  • 25 Nov 2016